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    ?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"? 今日の顧客関係のために設計されたオープンCRMプラットフォーム、Zendesk Sunshineのリリースを発表します。 Zendesk Sunshineは、すべての顧客データをキャプチャして接続できる柔軟なデータレイヤー、インテリジェントなワークフローを設計可能なエンジン、およ...

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    Hi Dan. Sorry about that. Was a weird problem to troubleshoot, but I think we figured it out. Was a permissions issue with the image URLs. Does it work for you on this page now? If so I will retroa...

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    @Intekhab and @Matt, yes we will gradually be rolling out over the course of today and tomorrow. Hang tight! @Anastasiy, thanks for the feedback. Much improved mobile apps are coming in a few weeks...