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    Rishabh Harit

    This is completely iOS friendly. What about android?

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    Charles Nadeau (Edited )

    Hi Rishabh,

    We recently added a video and quick start tutorials for the Android Support and Chat SDKs. 


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    The links at the bottom of the page are out of date, looks like the following page addresses both:


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    Hannele (Edited )

    Also: if you are getting nothing in your view like this:

    it is likely because you still need to configure Help Center. You will also need to add your own Section, Category, and Article before anything will show up -- the default General category for some reason doesn't work on its own.

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    Charles Nadeau

    Thanks, Hannele. I fixed the broken links at the bottom of the page. I also added a requirement in the introduction that Help Center should be enabled in the Zendesk Support account, along with a link to more information.

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