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    Heather Cook

    Hi Team,

    In this article i tested and validated the app.But don't really understand if I am getting an error or not. I think I am getting a certificate error, which I don't know how to fix. Any advice?

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    Joseph May

    Hi Heather-

    My colleague Bryan answers a similar issue over in another post. As he notes, it is a Ruby environment issue.

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    Heather Cook

    Hi Jo,

    Bryan says "Anyway, it relates to when Ruby is missing an expected SSL certificate configuration. Most Ruby installers will add this configuration, but it looks like your install may be missing it.

    Check for a SSL_CERT_FILE environment variable. If it is missing, then adding it (and the certificate file it points to) should fix this."

    How do i check for the certificate?

    I tried reading the stack overflow links Bryan had included in his comment, but to be honest they used so many words I didn't understand that I'm not sure it is English.



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    Raphael Gal

    I had the same issue. I followed these instructions to resolve it.

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