Build your first Support app - Part 3: Creating and inserting templates Follow



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    Haroon Haider (Edited )

    Nice tutorial Charles. One observation though, I am confused as to what the logic is in the javascript to determine if the requester_data was not found, so then it can display the error_data.

    So basically even if you did not comment out the showInfo(); function call it would still display the error message, as far as I have tested.

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    Charles Nadeau

    Hi Haroon, 

    This tutorial only describes how to display the info and error templates. The next tutorial describes the logic that determines what template to display -- info or error? See

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    Bhushan Sakate (Edited )

    The showInfo() and showError() functions r  not working in my App.


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    Jessie Schutz

    Hey Bhushan!

    Can you give more details about what's happening?

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