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    Heather R

    FYI, I don't see a gif for the Undo feature, just the file name. I don't know if that's just me or not. I'm on Win 7, Chrome and IE 11


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    Dan Ross (Edited )

    No release notes for Zendesk Support? :(

    EDIT: Nevermind, I see the tiny blurb at the end saying nothing new. 



    Also, like Heather, I don't see any of the gifs or images in the article either. I'm on macOS Sierra with Chrome and Vivaldi.

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    Jessie Schutz

    Hey y'all! I've pinged our Documentation manager to let her know about the images. I'll let Yunen know as well!

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    Yunen Yeo

    Apologies for the broken image, it should show up fine now. I have also attached it at the bottom of the article in case it doesn't show up inline for some browsers. Sorry for the inconveniences!


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