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    Austin Villanueva

    Hi guys, 

    I need help. I'm pretty new with zat tool. I'm using this process in the article. 

    The zat create command works fine but why does it fail in zat validate? 

    I tried the other one in other article which uses , zat new then some prompts then afterwards. I tried the zat validate .and it works fine with that process. 

    both use the same zat. but why using this scaffold doesn't work with zat validate? 

    I hope you can help me.

    Thank you



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    Joseph May

    Hi there Austin-

    May I ask you to share the stack trace printed when zat validate fails? Normally zat validate would be run in the /dist directory, though you could also run it in the parent directory provided you explicitly set the path:

    zat validate --path=./dist

    Hope this helps!

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    Austin Villanueva

    Hi Joseph,

    Yeah, this one works, I just saw it in Github documentation I didn't saw it before. I've been struggling for a long time with this one. 


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    Kiran Madhav

    Hi there,

    I'm in the process of migrating v1 apps to v2 by using App Scaffold template, how can I can call 'client' in the legacy_app.js. 

    My requirement is, I need to call ticket custom field values in the in legacy_app.js file or pass values to legacy_app.js file from index.js.

    Please suggest how can I achieve this.




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    Hector Latorre (Edited )

    Having the same problem as Kiran, trying to get a reference to the client object from legacy_app.



    @Kiran this.zafClient references client from legacy_app, found it in one of the example apps from the zendesk_app_migrator repo.

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